Why the Dark Tower is Receiving Poor Reviews?

  • The Dark Tower, directed by Niklaj Arcel in 2017
  • Starring Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Taylor

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You’ve probably heard that the Dark Tower is being received poorly by critics. Rotten Tomatoes has an astounding 18% approval rating and rumors of production issues hasn’t helped matters.

The Dark Tower is adapted from a series of western/ fantasy novels, written by Stephen King.  The plot follows Jake Chambers (played by Tom Taylor), a boy who lives New York and suffers from constant nightmares. Then one day, he realizes that his nightmares might come true, sending him to an alternate reality where he meets the Man with No Name, I mean… the Gunslinger. He must work together with the Gunslinger to defeat the Man in Black.
As a fan of Stephen King’s work, I really like some of the Easter eggs (at least I call them Easter eggs) in this movie.  If you like the Shining, you’ll probably notice a couple key words. It doesn’t necessarily increase the enjoyment factor of The Dark Tower, but it acts as a curt nod to King’s other works.
Is the Dark Tower a good movie?
The Dark Tower has some merits, including Idris Elba’s performance as the stoic gunslinger. There are several comedic moments, but it’s so sparse that we’re straining to remember them. Despite Elba’s efforts, his performance is not good enough to support the combination of slow pacing and uninteresting supporting characters. McConaughey’s Man in Black is a little underwhelming. The trailer sets him up to be ‘worse than the devil,’ but his portrayal in the film resembles the stereotypical villain with little/or no character motivations. As well as the convoluted plot which offers more questions than answers.  At the end of the day, we don’t think it’s deserving of a 18% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. There are some entertaining moments, but it definitely needs work.
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One thought on “Why the Dark Tower is Receiving Poor Reviews?

  • Great review. I haven’t had a chance to watch the film yet, unfortunately, but I didn’t have high expectations anyway, judging by the trailer.

    I loved Matthew McCohn…McCohnayhe…Mcoc… ahem, Matthew McConaughey (thanks Google!) in True Detective and Interstellar (as well as his semi-recent car commercial), but a sizeable portion of his films flop. It’s unfortunate that Idris Elba had to be in a poorly received movie like this though. I know it’s totally unrelated but Idris rocked it in his TV show Luther and The Wire.
    I don’t criticize with my keyboard… I criticize with my heart.

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