Top 5 Reasons Justice League is Fun!

There’s been a lot of mixed reviews for the Justice League, including the intense 41% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes. justice league fun

As Rotten Tomatoes noted, Justice League isn’t good enough to…

shed the murky aesthetic, thin characters, and chaotic action.

Despite it’s faults, there’s definitely a lot of cool things about the Justice League. Here’s our list of the Top 5 Reasons the Justice League is Fun!

Caution: may contain spoilers!

Is the Justice League Fun?

5. Aquaman

justice league fun

As an avid watcher of Game of Thrones, I was excited about Jason Momoa stepping into the shoes of Aquaman. Although the character’s background remains a mystery (for those who haven’t read the comics), I liked Momoa’s gruff and comedic interpretation of the character. Not to mention the picturesque scenes that highlight Aquaman’s relationship with the water — really cool!

4. Amazon and Steppenwolf Fight Sequence

justice league fun

One of my biggest nitpicks with Justice League is the fact that Steppenwolf isn’t really interesting or memorable. But I really enjoyed the imaginative fight sequence between the Amazons and Steppenwolf. It was fast-paced, dramatic and well-done.

3. Superman Fight Sequence

justice league fun

When Superman is revived by the Mother cube, the banter between Batman, Wonderwoman, Aquaman and Cyborg is great. Not to mention the fight that erupts, showcasing the fact that Superman is as fast as the Flash and can compete with him. 

2. The Flash as the comic relief

justice league fun

It was great to watch a DC movie that wasn’t totally drenched in pessimistic vibes and dark tones. The Flash adds a sincerity and whimsy that illuminates the tone of the film.

1. The Batman Theme

justice league fun

This is my favorite moment. As you might know, Danny Elfman was responsible for composing the music for Tim Burton’s Batman 1989. Coincidentally enough, Danny Elfman composed the music for Justice League — and you can just hear the 1989 Batman Theme in the movie.
It was a nostalgic shock of awesomeness and it improved the overall rank of the movie for me.

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justice league fun