Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man + Zits = Homecoming 

Key Facts:

  • Directed by Jon Watts in 2017
  • Starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau
  • 3rd Guy to play Spider-Man since 2002


What are people raving about?

This is the film that finally brings the Avengers and Spider-Man together in a feature length film (and not just that one scene from Civil War). The inclusion of Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr is a nice addition to the story as Peter Parker’s role model/ father figure. It’s also nice to have a plot that doesn’t explore the backstory of Spider-Man but instead, explore the daily life of a young Spider-Man.  I like Tom Holland’s commitment to the role and his innocent portrayal of Peter Parker / Spider-Man. It’s considered by fans to be the most faithful adaptation of the comic source material. Not only does Peter struggle to balance school life and crime fighting, but he aspires to become an Avenger and follow the steps of Iron Man — which is sweet.


The Vulture, as played by Michael Keaton is probably the most intriguing villain in the Spider-Man universe thus far. He is interesting because his motivations are based on realistic societal issues (i.e. that society values people with status and wealth). For those who say: no wait, how about Venom? I totally agree, but Venom’s portrayal in Spider-Man 3 was somewhat short and underwhelming.

The part that seemed unrealistic was the cut-in-half ship scene. How can a 15 year old kid hold the ship together with what seems like silly string? Small nitpick, but my Editor-in-Chief couldn’t get past the scene, even with Iron Man fixing the ship. “There are still cracks in the ship, it will sink!” he said while munching on a pretzel.

Overall, great movie and unique perspective on Spider-Man.


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Spider-Man Homecoming
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One thought on “Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Just saw the movie myself, and I loved it as well!
    I hope you and your editor are happy, cause you guys had me thinking about the cracks in the ship the whole time that scene was going on… And it wasn’t until…


    …Iron Man came and mended the ship with a laser beam, which I’ll just accept for the movie’s sake, …


    … that I was able to stop thinking about it. 😉

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