Last Jedi – Spoiler Free Review

Is Last Jedi worth a watch?

In short – Yes. It’s not perfect but it’s a well made film that explores the world [galaxy] of the Force, Jedi and Skywalker family.  

Our Score

Since I can’t really dive into the plot [as this is a Last Jedi Spoiler Free Review] — let me say this

The Plot

The Last Jedi is a long movie and it’s packed with numerous sub-plots which mainly aims to supplement the primary story line. There were, however, several sequences which I feel were unnecessary and simply added to the run-time.  

With that said, most scenes worked to bring additional value to the story.  John Williams’ music score is brilliant as always — adding to the emotional build-up in various scenes. 

The Story

The stakes are definitely higher since The Force Awakens — but it’s balanced out by generous helpings of comic relief from expected and unexpected sources. We see characters, both new and old return to Last Jedi.

One of my favorite moments is actually shown during the trailer when Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver) pilots a spacecraft and shares a force-connection with his mother, Leia (played by Carrie Fisher). It’s a powerful scene that perfectly demonstrates Kylo Ren’s internal struggle.


If you don’t have plans this weekend, you should check out Last Jedi. It’s a fun popcorn movie!

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