The Hitman’s Bodyguard isn’t Bad

– Hitman’s Bodyguard, directed by Patrick Hughes
– Starring Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L Jackson and Gary Oldman

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I was surprised to see Hitman’s Bodyguard getting trashed on Rotten Tomatoes with a painful 40% approval rating. What happened? The premise follows an elite bodyguard named Michael Bryce (played by Ryan Reynolds), attempting to repair his reputation after he fails to protect an important client. When he receives a call from his ex-girlfriend, he’s begrudgingly takes a job to escort a dangerous hit man (played by Samuel L Jackson) to testify against a crazy Eastern European gangster (played by Gary Goldman).

But Hitman’s Bodyguard isn’t a bad movie.

Yes, it’s a bit slow in the beginning and there are several weird tonal shifts that left me cross armed in the theater. But everything improves when Samuel L Jackson brings his rugged charm and humor to the table. Reynolds and Jackson have great chemistry — and it shows. For a couple scenes, it looks like they’re improvising and having a great time. Salma Hayak is one of the highlights of the movie. She’s a loose cannon, but it’s really entertaining.
The action scenes are fairly well done. I wish they had more wide shots of the fight scenes in the Hitman’s Bodyguard. It’s hard to focus on the action when you’re feeling woozy from shaky cam. The musical score is great, and I couldn’t drop the feeling that I was watching a spin-off of Deadpool with the sentimental music in combination with lovey dovey scenes — and Reynolds trademark remarks.
Contrary to Rotten Tomatoes, this isn’t a bad movie. It’s a fun popcorn movie that you can watch with your buddies. Just because it doesn’t offer anything substantially unique — it’s still a good time.

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The Hitman's Bodyguard

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