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As I was sitting in a sparsely filled theater for the new IT movie,

I couldn’t help but think that I’d made a horrible mistake. I’ve seen a lot of horror movies and I’ve also seen a lot of bad Stephen King movie adaptations (I’m talking about you Sleepwalkers).  But I was pleasantly surprised when the new IT movie turned out to be… well… great. In my previous post about why studios are remaking horror movies, I stated that IT only needs two things to get a sequel:

  1. IT needs to make money (A LOT)

  2. IT needs to be a good movie 

I don’t know how much money IT is making currently, but I can honestly say that it’s a great movie. So great that I’m typing this at work. It’s not a masterpiece. But it’s may actually top the original IT as an intriguing and well structured adaptation of the original source material.


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The Losers (and our Heroes)


The Kids v. IT

If you’re not aware, IT has a simple premise. It’s about an evil clown (demon) that kills children and a band of renegade kids (known as the Losers) try to destroy it. The kids are surprisingly well developed and they have interesting character arks. The language they use and their mannerisms remind me of old classics like Stand by Me and the Netflix show, Stranger Things. It’s really cool to see kids acting like kids — joking around and getting into shenanigans. If I have nitpick, it would be the lack of characterization for Stan and Mike. I wanted to learn a little more about them.

Now let’s get to what you really want to know — How’s Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of Pennywise the Clown? It’s great. Yes, it’s different from Tim Curry’s playful and horrifying portrayal.  But Skarsgard’s interpretation definitely adds value because he’s completely relentless and uncompromising in his role as IT.

This film is definitely recommended and a great adaptation of Stephen King’s source material.

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