Why that Baby Driver Film is Meh

What’s up with that Baby Driver Film?

So I just stumbled upon Baby Driver. It’s not like I’ve been avoiding it, but I’d be lying if I said that I was excited to see a film called Baby Driver (it reminds me of Boss Baby).

After watching it, I can honestly say that Baby Driver is an alright film.

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— from the stunt work choreography to Edgar Wright’s slick style and musical score. Ansel Elgort is great in his performance as Baby, a subdued get-away driver with a heart of gold. The story follows Baby as he’s forced to return to the criminal underworld to drive for Kevin Spacey’s stern crime boss character. In the midst of this, he falls in love with a waitress and tries to find a way to escape the life of crime. 

Realism v. Action Tropes 

While the rest of the cast (Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx) add spunk and intrigue to the story, I wasn’t impressed by the shift in tone and character direction in the latter third of the movie. Baby Driver sold me on it’s spunky realism but then it suddenly tried to up-sell me on classical action tropes.

Don’t get me wrong, some movies do this incredibly well and it’s fun to watch a determined villain that just won’t die after 4 attempts. For Baby Driver in particular, this trope felt like a forced add-on.

Baby Driver is a well made film with an interesting premise. I liked the stunt work and Ansel Elgort’s performance. In my opinion, it stumbles towards the end and leaves little to the imagination in terms of character fate.

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One thought on “Why that Baby Driver Film is Meh

  • I went into the movie with really low expectations. Plus, the name… come on, “Baby Driver”? Really? Came out and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t totally suck. It wasn’t GREAT… but it wasn’t bad either.

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